A Note Regarding this Site

First off, I should clarify – this is not my professional or personal portfolio. Rather, it is a collection of recent works taken over the past few years with nothing in common aside from the fact they were all shot with a digital SLR; ironically, a tool I am trying to avoid, preferring the permanence of film-based instruments. To organize these photos into some logistical context for viewing, this site contains a grab-bag of images that stand out in my mind for one reason or another; perhaps I had a great moment when making the exposure, or it may be a photo that I haven’t quite figured out how to develop.

Every image here, like most of my work, is purposed to solicit a dialogue with the viewer. That conversation is enhanced by my notes and in some cases, georeferenced data. So don’t just fly through these as if they were Flickr-esque snapshots; take a minute, stare and understand the purposeful composition. Most of these shots are as-is. Meaning, I cropped in the viewfinder not in Photoshop, with minimal, and in some instances, no retouching whatsoever.

I think big and often shoot big, so it is a bit of a disservice to display them on a small screen. That is the primary reason I refuse to publish my more substantial works on the web. On the other hand, there are a couple of photos here that were captured at a low resolution or have been cropped limiting its ability to be printed out on the large scale I desire. As you view these understand that:

  • Nothing here is for sale.
  • I am not seeking critiques, comments, or complements.
  • I don’t need links or loads of traffic – I have other sites for that.

Essentially, this is a live amassing of images that I simply want to “breathe” outside of the body of my archived works. As it is WordPress based, I may add to these as I feel fit to do, but certainly not on a regular basis, so check back here on occasion if you want to see what I’ve been up to lately.

For now, go ahead and enjoy this photo collection or one of my other projects:

  • Packcamera – My photography blog for traveling photographers.
  • Green Photo Tours – My in-development, Central American eco-conscious expeditions

David Allen Langs